Where Did the ‘8×8’ Water Recommendation Come From

Where Did the '8x8' Water Recommendation Come FromDo we automatically drink eight glasses of water without question? What facts support this line of though, and medical study or trial verifies this “8X8” statement? There is no denying that water is now part of the commercial sector, it is used and promoted for all sorts of reasons. Whole industries today are built around the importance of increasing your water intake, and these industries have taken many forms.

Weight loss
Water bottles
Cleansing diets
Health industry
Beauty industry
The list is endless.

Water can not be patented so maybe this is a contributing factor. However all this still doesn’t answer the question of the source of the “8è—8” water policy, recommendation. This issue requires response. This article is about increasing your water intake and drinking plenty of it, this will assist in helping you maintain good health. After all according to scientific sources our bodies are made up mostly of this life preserving compound.

Check online
Make yourself comfortable surf the internet and find the answer. What you are lightly to see is website after website advocating the significance of drinking eight glasses of water a day. However no grounds are highlighted to substantiate these claims, in fact an editorial entitled ‘Just Add Water” conducted extensive research to find a study to validate this claim, unfortunately none was found.

Should drinking eight glasses of water be part of your daily routine?
The truth is most of us don’t drink sufficient water, we drink plenty of the following liquids.

Coffee or tea
Soda based drinks
Milk (flavoured)
Fruit juice (sweetened)

Make water the most significant element that enters your body and savour better health. Unfortunately the 8X8 oz (240ml) glasses of water for a 24- hour period has no scientific bases, none the less drinking more water is something we all should be aware of. In addition to drinking more water we should consider what container we are using to put this water in.

Which is the best water bottle?
Many individuals have come to a decision of drinking more water, but what water bottle should you use? Why be concerned about this? For our overall health we should take note of the water bottle we are using, over the last few years it’s come to light that some of the containers we commonly use are detrimental to our long term health. Therefore along with drinking plenty of water we should look into which is the best water bottle to use to carry this liquid. Our water can be standing in this container for long period particularly if you have it in the fridge. Below are some common selections.

Plastic bottles not marked BPA free
Plastic bottles BPA free
Disposable plastic bottles from the supermarket or convenience store
Glass bottles
Metal bottles
Stainless Steel

These are the most popular type of bottles and then there are the brands, Klean Kanteen, Camelbak etc. Which is the best water bottle to use if you are going to increase your water consumption? This is beyond the range of this article, just start increasing your water intake first and then read more articles about water bottles.
Water is the best choice.