What are the best seasons for Everest Base Camp Trekking?

With eight out of fourteen peaks (including Everest (8,848m), Nepal is dream come true destination for every trekking and climbing enthusiast. There are numbers of trekking destination perfect for every level of trekkers from seasonal hikers to novice.

Everest Base Camp is one of sought trekking destination in Nepal known for its incredible beauty and enthralling cultural experience. Though EBC trek might be strenuous but the effort is well compensated by the views of gigantic Himalayan ranges, glaciers, lakes and highland valleys.

But the trekking experience might not be rewarding; if the trekking is not made on favorable time. As the climate of Himalaya is highly mysterious, trekkers might not see what they wish to see and face unforeseen difficulties. So it is highly recommended to trek EBC in best time of the year.

The following information provides deep information on seasons its difficulties and offerings:

Autumn (September November)

Autumn season is considered as the best time of the year for trekking in Everest Base Camp. The weather during autumn is excellent and so are the views. The sky is usually clear and mountains are seen in its best form. But occasional short storms might dump snow at high altitude.

Winter (December February)

It is said that the mountains are at its best in winter. But the winter is noted for snowfalls at higher altitude in Himalayas. The nights are usually colds, however day remain moderate with blue skies. There are relatively less trekkers making a hike to Everest Base Camp perfect for those seeking to avoid the crowds.

If you intend to trek in winter, we suggest you get equipped with all the winter trekking gears. Also check availability of teahouse, as the people from higher elevation migrates to lower elevation to avoid cold and snow. Consult your trekking companies or guide for the information about the trekking gears.

Spring (March May)

Spring is another best for EBC trekking. Different varieties of wild flowers, especially rhododendron (the national flower of Nepal) are in state of bloom making completely insane views. It is mildly warm in lower elevation but the high altitude remains moderate and serves the excellent views of mountains. Spring season is also best for mountain expedition including Everest climbing expedition.

Summer (January August)

Starting from June till mid-September, Nepal receives heavy downpours. The trail remains wet and often slippery. We suggest you not to go for hike to Everest Base Camp in monsoon. There is some risk of flood and landslide in mountain terrain. But the EBC trail is totally safe from these natural calamities.

But if you are okay with mud and leeches, you can go for EBC trekking with proper gear and experienced guide. Everest Base Camp Trekking is totally safe, if you travel with reliable guide.

Monsoon might be paradise for keen botanist; as the entire hill is covered with lush vegetation and different floral species thrives in this season.