The Tale of Eric the Sailor

Eric was born in the early 1900s in Copenhagen. Growing up in a rich family with housekeepers and high expectations, Eric never really felt at home. Life was quiet and everybody did what was expected of them. Everyone, except Eric.

Longing for adventures, Eric had always been fascinated by the ocean and the tales he himself was told as a child. He wanted to see the world and be free of boring formalities and expectations. One night, at the age of 13, he jumped out his window and ran off, bringing nothing but the clothes he wore and his favourite necklace holding a faith, hope & love charm an iconic symbol of sailors.

Without looking back, Eric boarded a training ship the next morning. And so, he began his first journey at sea. One that would mark the beginning of a new passion and a life filled with countless adventures. At the ship, Eric was trained in basic sailor and seamanship skills and learned what life at sea was all about. And he was loving it.

Upon the ships return to Copenhagen a few years later, he was called to serve his military service. This, however, was not the place for Eric either. He disobeyed orders and fought the superior, and ended up spending time in military prison. Even after his release, Eric still struggled to fit into the lifestyle of a normal citizen. He realized that there was only one place for him. At sea.

Eric quickly found himself working as a deckhand at a freighter shipping goods all over the world. From Denmark across the Atlantic Ocean, his travels brought him to America, the Caribbean and all the way down to South America. Through hard work and a charismatic personality, he earned his place on the ship over the years, and soon enough, he was recognized for his efforts and rose to eventually become the first mate of the ship.

His time ashore, he would spend at local bars or with beautiful women enthralled by the stories of his alluring lifestyle. He quickly became known for his way of life and how he rarely passed an opportunity to be adventurous. For instance, he once won a monkey in a gamble while traveling in Brazil. He named it Yogo and brought it on his travels for several years as his faithful companion.

Between sailing to Africa, the Emirates and Asia, and living in different countries, there soon was no part of the world that Eric had not yet seen. The only limit was his own lust for adventures. He had a woman in every port and no storm could break him. Around the world, people would tell stories of Eric the sailor and how he had turned his back on wealth and comfort to live life on his own terms. A true sailor.

From the bow of the ship, he would stand every night gazing over the horizon. Around his neck, he still wore the same old necklace that had followed him through his adventures since he was just a child. And finally, he felt at home. There are only few who know the whole story of Eric and his journeys. For many years, the tale of the seasoned sailor from Nyhavn has remained a secret of the seven seas. Until now

This is the true tale of Eric the sailor.