Rising Medical Cost in Home Country? Try Medical Tourism

‘Petrol and diesel prices are going North’ – reads the newspaper headline. If this is a jerk for the office goers , another jolt awaits the homemakers. That is, the hike in price of cooking gas. On one hand, we will be cursing the government having brought in these amendments. On the other side, we should be thankful that the price hike is restricted to only some domains and does not affect the medical domain too. This is the scenario prevalent only in India and few other countries. But not the same in developed countries like U.S., U.K. etc. In fact, along with price hike in daily use items, there is an increase in medical costs too. So much so that, one can see a competition between the heights of skyscrapers and hospital bills in these countries. Health care is everyone’s birth right and should be available to everyone. But that is not the order of the day in many countries.

Does it mean that only a select few can be healthy and the others should suffer? The answer is obviously no. That is when people tend to go in for an alternative. The choice is nothing but “medical tourism”. That is, traveling to other countries for treatment. And when it comes at a lower price but at the same quality, nothing stops people from opting for it. This is substantiated by many instances. For example, a root canal treatment costs $200 in the U.S. but it cost only $20 in India. This vast difference in the costs attracts them to explore medical tourism.

One more point to be noted is that if the medical procedure itself costs hundreds of dollars, then the post operative care and medicine expenses put together will amount to Thousands of dollars. This is not affordable by everyone. So they fly overseas for their treatment. But they don’t plan their trip just for treatment. They use their recuperating period to enjoy their holiday too. Naturally, they select their destination that has rich cultural ad biodiversity along with enhanced medical facilities.

This being the case, India becomes a natural favorite for everyone owing to its rich cultural heritage and impeccable medical procedures. Some of us may ponder as to why don’t people in developed countries seek treatment from PHC’s(primary health centers) that are available everywhere. But the fact is that they can treat only elementary ailments. Moreover, the number of these centers for the available population is very meager. So, health tourism is the only option for people to save their skin. This is all about those who are the guests.

Now coming to the host country and their perspective about this. This area provides the country with a scope for improvisation in many fields. First of all, it contributes towards the increase in GDP(gross domestic product). The tourism industry also sees a boom. To make the guests feel at home, the facilities at public places are improved. The monuments too get a face lift. Not to forget, the dying art forms are marveled at by the foreigners thus making them thrive.

So, when both sides are benefited , it will strike a balance and health tourism, which even a layman can afford will flourish without any doubt.

“India is one of the best destinations for Medical Tourism. Every year millions of people visit India to get medical treatment. Low cost of medical treatments, High quality in treatments provided, personalized care, availability of expertise doctors and presence of high end medical facilities are the driving factors for foreigners to visit India for their medical treatments. In India one can get “FIRST WORLD TREATMENT AT THIRD WORLD COST”.