Top 7 Places To Visit In The Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area home to legendary sights like the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most sought after vacation cities in the country. If you happen to be in the area for vacation, business or recreation, these are the top 7 places you must make it a duty to visit while you are in town.

1.Santa Rosa: Popularized by its numerous microbreweries that dot the landscape, Santa Rosa is commonly referred to as the Microbrew capital of America. Also, Santa Rosa is known to be the home to the Charles M. Continue reading “Top 7 Places To Visit In The Bay Area”

Neve Tzedek – Every Familys Dream Home Town

Typically, the mention of Neve Tzedek brings to mind bustling restaurants, designer boutiques, art galleries, craft stores and tourists milling about the streets of this charming neighborhood. One wouldnt necessarily think of the area as a perfect place for families to settle down in and enjoy a high-quality lifestyle, yet thats exactly what it is.

In fact, even the name Neve Tzedek means “the Oasis of Justice” as the area offers an oasis, or respite, from the commotion of Tel Aviv, its neighboring city. Continue reading “Neve Tzedek – Every Familys Dream Home Town”

Proper Planning Ensures a Joyful Trip

If you are planning a vacation trip with your family, make proper arrangements so that you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. The excitement and joy of your trip can be easily ruined in the absence of proper planning.

Airport parking should be the top priority in your travel plan. Airport parking can be a reason to start a journey full of hassle if you have not effectively plan your car parking at airport. You may need to hover around the parking lot for long just to find a suitable space for your car park. Continue reading “Proper Planning Ensures a Joyful Trip”

British Virgin Islands Exotic Beauties Worthy Of Exploring

Discovering the British Virgin Islands in Style

The British Virgin Islands, also known simply as the Virgin Islands, is a British overseas territory. Located in the Caribbean just East of Puerto Rico, there are many islands that make up this area. These include: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke. There are also 50 smaller islands and cays that form the Virgin Islands. While many of these islands have happy residents, there are 15 that are uninhabited.

A visit to the British Virgin Islands is a guaranteed Caribbean dream come true. Continue reading “British Virgin Islands Exotic Beauties Worthy Of Exploring”

Choosing the Right IT Support Vendor

Choosing the Right IT Support Vendor

Signing on the dotted line with an IT services and support provider can be a challenging proposition. With a lot of big market players making their presence felt and various critical factors to size up for making a well-thought-out decision, settling for a right provider may eat up more time and efforts than expected. Moreover, no company would let the deal break the bank. Continue reading “Choosing the Right IT Support Vendor”

What Does A Personal Fitness Trainer Do?

The fitness needs of every individual are different from that of others. This means that fitness programs have to be designed according to individual requirements. Since we are not professional fitness experts, it is important to hire a personal fitness trainer who can help in creating a training regimen based on your individual needs.

Who is a Personal Fitness Trainer?

A personal fitness trainer is a person who performs a specialized job as a fitness expert. He or she should have the necessary expertise with regards to various aspects of human body, physical exercising and other techniques. Continue reading “What Does A Personal Fitness Trainer Do?”

Is PCI Compliance Expensive?

There are a couple of reasons on which cost of PCI DSS Compliant depends, which includes the type of your business, annual number of transactions, current IT infrastructure, and the existing credit/debit card network of processing and storing data.

Possible PCI Compliance Fees

According to estimations, the largest merchants of nation, categorized as Level 1 merchants (having more than 6 million transactions a year), spent $125,000 assessing the possible required PCI related work and an addition of $568,000 to meet the PCI requirements.

Reports state that level one 1 merchant, a national retailer having 210 stores, spent about $500,000 to become compliant. Continue reading “Is PCI Compliance Expensive?”

Choosing a Fishing Charter

If youre looking for a coast side adventure, theres no doubt that a chartered fishing trip can give you one. Spending a day out on the ocean fishing for kingfish, flounder, and other fish is a day well spent. However, with lots of charter captains along the coast, it can be challenging to pick the one you want guiding your trip. If such is your dilemma, keep reading to know what things to consider when choosing a fishing charter guide.

Safety: Any experienced charter guide knows that the weather and the ocean change quickly and may create dangerous conditions. Continue reading “Choosing a Fishing Charter”

A Short Introduction to the Revolutionary 3D Printing Technology

One of the most remarkable technologies to have been developed in recent years has to be that of 3D printing. This technology enables you to use a specialized printer to create the things you design on a computer with the help of certain materials. If you are planning to use this technology, it helps to know a bit about it like the working of the technology, salient features, scanners and 3D modelling applications, how to print etc.

How Does This Technology Work?

In order to 3D print something, you need to create the concept art of the object first. Continue reading “A Short Introduction to the Revolutionary 3D Printing Technology”