How Much Do PCI Companies Charge?

How Much Do PCI Companies Charge?

There is much more to being PCI compliant than just getting a PCI SAQ filled or going through a quarterly vulnerability scan successfully. There is a lot of work and resources required by the business to go through to make sure the customer credit card data is secured.

A lot of businesses get confused when it comes to setting up a budget for PCI compliance. Continue reading “How Much Do PCI Companies Charge?”

Tungsten Did the Magic

Man’s main and natural source of light is the sun; the gigantic burning mass which produces illumination to the solar system, the earth inclusive; along with heat and radiation. Our awareness is in no doubt that the sun is central and stationary in the system. Also, the rotations on their own axes and revolutions about the same sun, of the Earth and other planets, would intuitively fluctuate the availability of illumination. Consequently, day and night emerged.

Thousands of years before science became organized, fire was discovered. Continue reading “Tungsten Did the Magic”

Does Your Business Need to Be PCI Compliant?

You have a successful business, customers are buying your products or services and everything seems to be in order. But is it?

Many small-to-medium businesses are unaware of the importance of PCI compliancy and the possible consequences from not adhering to the security protocols that PCI outlines to merchants, nor are businesses often sure if any of it applies to them. If you accept credit and/or credit card payments in your online business, the answer is yes, it does.

PCI compliance applies to all entities or individuals who charge non-cash payment for any type of goods or service through one of these third-party financial service providers: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or JCB. Continue reading “Does Your Business Need to Be PCI Compliant?”

Planning Christmas Island Accommodation – A Photographers Guide

Christmas Island hotels provide a fantastic base to relax and recharge your mental batteries. However, youre missing an incredible opportunity if you dont leave your Christmas Island resort during your entire trip. The island has some spectacular sights that can provide you with some amazing photos to show your friends back home.

The Famous Red Crabs

Christmas Island is located approximately 1600 miles from Perth, WA and is home to the world famous Red Crabs. Millions of these crabs migrate each year across the island for an awe inspiring and impressive sight. Continue reading “Planning Christmas Island Accommodation – A Photographers Guide”

Where Do You Go to Get PCI Compliant?

PCI, also known as PCI DSS which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is an industry that runs the standards and the measures of security of businesses that transmit, store, process, and accept credit card information. Organizations that are PCI Compliant don’t get much data breaches, which lead to exposure of cardholder data. If you own a business and it deals with credit card payments then you are required to meet the PCI DSS standards. You can become PCI compliant by asking your card brand to lead you through the process.

The PCI Security Standards Council is a group that studies the uprising PCI security issues and hence develops programs and standards to get hold of the reliability of payment card system.

Categories of PCI compliance

PCI Compliance is divided into six main categories:

Access Control
Data Protection
Secure Network
Security Policy
Vulnerability Management

Access Control

Put Access Control into practice. Continue reading “Where Do You Go to Get PCI Compliant?”

Here’s To Your Health – Drink More Water

For most of my life, I was never a water drinker. It was always soft drinks, dairy, or juice- but never water. But then I wanted to lose weight- about 30lbs from my 140 lb, 5′ 1″ frame. I’d been reading that people who drank a couple of glasses of water before every meal consumed fewer calories. Ok, I’m in! I’ll give it a try. I’d also read that water helps flush toxins from your body and that once those toxins are removed, you’ll have more energy. Ok, I need more energy, so sign me up!

I’d also read where the high fructose corn syrup in all the pop (yes, I’m a Midwesterner!) I’d been drinking is difficult for the body to process and can actually make you crave more calories. Continue reading “Here’s To Your Health – Drink More Water”

Top Safety, Comfort And Sanitary Design Elements For Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are popular due to the successful television show, but the scrubs are also designed with the practicality of today’s clinic and hospital setting in mind. These scrubs offer style and flair uncommon in medical apparel, but they are also safe, comfortable and sanitary. Here are the top features of these scrubs, and how they are designed with you, the medical professional, in mind.

Safety Design Elements

Designed to be snag-free, Gray’s Anatomy scrubs come in a variety of styles. Continue reading “Top Safety, Comfort And Sanitary Design Elements For Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs”

Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal

With the rapid growth of niche tourism in Nepal and thriving tourist quantity, travelers are now venturing out to the more secluded parts of the country. Nepal has imposed restricted area trekking permit for all the foreign visitors to regulate the negative impact tourism in those places.

All the areas falling close to Tibet (except Everest, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri), Government of Nepal have declared either protected areas or restricted areas. The number of tourist are controlled and at two people in a group is needed to visit the restricted area. Continue reading “Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal”

Questions You Should Answer Before Buying A Drone

With drones becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals and businesses, new models are constantly being released into the market. Each release comes with the aim to bring improvements in the flying experience. This new technology actually has great potential for different industries and choosing the best drone is what you should be paying attention to in relation to your needs. Whether you are getting a drone for your new flying hobby or for business, there are things that you must take into consideration to end up with the best model. Continue reading “Questions You Should Answer Before Buying A Drone”

Cloud Computing!

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way technology is used to share information and resources to achieve coherence, relevance and economy of scale. These three factors are hugely important today when individuals and businesses require being in the forefront of their activities and achieving profits and revenues while reigning in expenditure.

This kind of computing is the method or model of internet-based computing that provides on demand, processing capabilities as well as data to computers and other devices on a network through a shared pool of resources such as applications and services, networks, servers and storage devices, which can be requested and used with minimal effort. Continue reading “Cloud Computing!”