Inflatable Tree House Doubles as a Ground Tent or Floating Cabin

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With the sky being the only limit, take your camping experience to the next level. Tree tents by Tentsile allows you to camp anywhere from a nature retreat to a portable tree house. All terrain camping solutions can be answered with the acclaimed new designs that are disrupting the outdoor camping industry.

The ever growing need to camp and sleep in the air has brought up a great line of suspended tree tents. One is a multifunctional camping shelter that can be pitched in a tree or on the ground. It can sleep up to 5 people and after a good night’s sleep you can use the shelter/tent as a raft for floats on a river or lake. Being able to use your shelter to its maximum capability makes this a remarkable piece of equipment.

Many outdoor enthusiasts are opening their minds to the idea of camping amidst the trees with hanging shelters and camping hammocks. With this idea many are looking into experimenting with sheltered watercraft like inflatable roof-top tent-rafts. This is a great way to bring tree tents and sheltered watercraft together into a single piece of three-in-one adventure gear.

These multi-use, all-terrain, fun-packed shelters can encourage both adventure and basic practical needs in all environments. Most tree tents have a triangular base that secures to a tree at each corner, but instead of the usual floor, this new design has an inflatable floor. This allows multiple uses for the shelter and can accommodate many outdoor activities.

This floor is made of SUP-style PVC drop stitch that not only creates a large, cushioned floor for up to five adults to lie on, it floats on the water, letting the shelter transition from cushioned tree tent, to cushioned ground tent, to day raft.

This big, triangular floor is clearly designed to be an inflatable cabana for slow moving water to relax on long summer days. It is not intended for fast moving water that goes over rocks.

As a shelter this tent offers a full no-see mesh canopy and retractable rain fly for protection from pests and weather. For protection from the sun when using as a flotation device the rainfly can be left on and simply clipped back to the poles.

This shelters insides include more than 5 feet of headroom and plenty of space for protection of your gear and other valuables. The floors pressure stability can be adjusted water usage or sleeping comfort when camping.

Tentsile has one of the largest tent of this kind and it can hold up to 880 lbs. and packs down to a size of 43 x 16 x 16, weighing 100 lbs. for travel.

This tent is a remarkable item to have if you are an outdoor adventure seeker. Having the ability to use it for different activities will make it a must have item. Tentsile plans on having it available in March of 2019.