How To Impress Your Boss And Colleagues

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Show that you are really inclined to work in the team, as you probably wrote in your biography. Help your colleagues, create a sense of community and facilitate yourself and others in the business environment. Not only you will be in a better mood, but everyone will work much easier if you can count on a colleague’s support, and your increased efficiency will surely not remain undetected. Being part of a team means being among the same, which does not mean that you have to drown in the mass; If you have the skills to lead a team, this may be your advantage to give as part of the group a lot more power than you could as an individual.

If one of your colleagues has done something wrong, do not run the boss immediately. Instead, help your colleagues correct things and create an ally for the black days when you’re wrong. Boiling the boss will only lead to your colleague having problems, and there will be no rewards for you. The boss, among other things, could see that you are not a team player, which in no way favors you.

Pulling your head and confirming everything your boss says might seem like the right choice, but you’re risking your boss thinking that you do not have your own opinion. If you think it’s wrong, say it, and if you reasonably argue your opinion, your boss will respect your commitment to the business. Of course, try to choose the time and place where your boss will not look stupid in front of others when you tell him why he is wrong.

Perhaps your boss will not notice and explicitly boast the fact that you are at work always on time, but be sure to notice any delay. Five to ten minutes makes a big difference, and if you come earlier, you may have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with him while there is nobody else, and then you can mention a couple of your ideas while you casually chat with him.