Hotels in Zion National Park

Zion National Park is the thirty-fourth largest park in the nation. Thirty-fourth isnt that impressive, yet its still over 146,000 acres of incredible wilderness. The park is host to towering plateaus, narrow slot canyons, and pristine water pools all of which may be explored by you. Zion has enough activities to keep you entertained for days on end. After enjoying the park during the day, enjoy the night in one of its many hotels. Here are five tips for enjoying your stay at one of Zions hotels.

1. Book Your Hotel Early

Zion National Park is an incredibly popular place; once youre there, youll experience why. With that said, its not uncommon for hotel rooms to be booked six to twelve months in advance. Plan your trip early and book your hotel even earlier.

2. Book During Off Seasons

Undeniably, Zion draws a crowd, particularly during peak seasons. Of the nearly four and a half million people that visit the park each year, the majority visit between April and October. Booking your hotel stay during the winter months may mean the average temperature is in the 50s instead of the 80s, but you avoid the crowds. Whats more, the vast majority of the hiking trails and other activities remain open during the offseason.

3. Book Your Hotel in the Park

Booking a hotel in Zion might prove to be more expensive than staying outside the park, but it comes with perks. Staying in the park gives you a chance to beat long lines and wait times, especially if you start your days early. Not only that, you wont have to battle for a parking spot; in fact, youll have complimentary transportation to most of the parks amenities.

4. Plan Ahead

While most of Zion attractions are always open to the public, some like the Narrows require a permit to hike the full length. Knowing in advance which hikes and activities you want to do gives you the opportunity to book them during your stay. Additionally, planning ahead will help you beat the daily rush to activities.

5. Plan to Visit Again

Zion is home over a dozen hiking trails, mountain biking, museums, and more. As much as youll want to, its unlikely that youll be able to experience all that Zion has to offer in a single trip. The solution to that, plan another visit to Zion National Park.