Drones in Business Software & Services

The use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles has branched enough to be considered as an integral and indispensable part in all fields of business. As far as business software goes, drones have realized a significant, rapidly growing, number of important roles. The design and implementation of drone software became a branch of business in […]

How To Impress Your Boss And Colleagues

Whether it’s an interview for a job, a business or a cocktail party or you’ve met an employer or colleague accidentally in an elevator, impressing someone in a short time is not an easy task at all. Arriving at your important business meeting in style is one of the first impression that everybody will remember. […]

Protect Your Assets With Optical Isolators and Surge Protectors

The world of data communication is busy, even noisy. Industrial communication systems, such as balanced RS-485 / RS-422, often require transmission between multiple devices over long distances. While having many devices communicating with each other on the same twisted-pair cable is robust and cost-effective, it also introduces two major challenges: Because of the long distances […]

Trekking Nepal Himalaya

Introduction: Nepal Himalaya with most of worlds highest mountains makes the country a premier adventure ground for all types of activities from hiking-trekking-mountaineering to boundless of outdoor sports. Regarded as world best trekking country the Nepal Himalaya, where travelers can join in for various types of walks from moderate-adventurous to challenging trekking facing constant views […]

Discovering Eilat, Israel

Eilat is the southernmost city in Israel and it has a whole lot to offer tourists around the year. This busy port and resort area can be found just at the Northern tip of the gorgeous Red Sea, located on the Gulf of Aqaba. This popular tourist destination attracts people for many reasons. For example, […]

Summer Vacationing in Montenegro

Montenegro literally translates to Black Mountain and it is located along the Adriatic Sea much like Croatia. Located in the Southeast of Europe, Montenegro is a hidden gem that often goes overlooked or overshadowed by Croatia and larger nations as a vacation spot. However, I find that works in ones favor as there are not […]