10 Things to do in Boston, Massachusetts

10 Things to do in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston which is the capital and same time the largest city of Massachusetts played a remarkable
role in the history of American Revolution. The capital is known to be rich in history with
diverse art, culture and education. Here are the things to do in Boston;

1 John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and library:
The JFK Presidential Museum and library was dedicated to the famous John F Kennedy, the
Museum and library is an archive of vast collection of books containing the brief history and
achievements of the past President with fascinating historical objects, photos and videos for
tourists all over the world.

2 New England Aquarium:
It is one of the most visited attraction in Boston, it is of no doubt the perfect place to be with
your family on a vacation to see what goes down in the aquatic habitat in a large water tank. The
aquarium houses different species of aquatic creatures with fantastic sightseeing. The coral reefs
is also a unique feature.

3 Skywalk observatory:
One of the places to be at sunset is the Skywalk observatory situated in the Prudential Centre
Mall, it features a clear peeking of the glowing Boston City, the bridges and the Boston harbors
from above. The view is at its best at sunset when the sun is fading and the City light is taking over.

4 Museum of Fine Arts:
Boston Museum of Fine Art is another busiest side attraction in the City, the over 450,000
collections of fascinating art works from around the world makes it a worthwhile place for
tourists and art lovers to spend their money and maximize fun.

5 Boston Red Sox Game and Fenway Park:
Certainly no other place can satisfy and accommodate the sport lovers compared to the 40,000
seat capacity Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, it is the best location to be with your family to
enjoy different kinds of live sporting activities.

6 Old North Church:
The oldest church in Boston founded in the 18 th century is also one of the most visited artefact, it is known to be a part of the famous history of the American Revolution. It is a fascinating place which attracts researchers from all over the world and history lovers.

7 Arnold arboretum:
The 1,100-acre land mass Greenland which is linked by waterways and parkways throughout
Boston is another top notch spot for a vacation with your family. It features both natural and
artificial ornamental species collections from all over the world correctly labelled for easy
identification by researchers.

8 Museum of Science:
Thinking about how to allow your children source for knowledge outside the four corners of the
classroom, the Boston Museum of Science houses over 700 different scientific exhibits covering
all fields in the world of Science of which most are hands on and interactive. It is the favorite
place to be by science lovers.

9 Quincy Market:
Quincy market is the place to have your lunchtime or go on a date with your partner, the busy
colorful market features diverse interesting eateries where you can have the best of your desired
taste, and it also features a relaxation center where you can play game before getting back to
work for the day.

10 Boston brewery tours:
It is a fantastic place for a tourist and researchers. Diverse machines and mechanics of producing
brew are features which attract tourists and schools to spend their day touring the building.