What Are the Uses of UAV Photography?

Do you think that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are only for the Army and recreational use? Then think again, as UAV photography is becoming increasingly popular for an array of reasons.

As the use of drones and UAVs in both the commercial and recreational markets has risen, so too has the number of industries, businesses and individuals requiring UAV photography to assist in their various tasks and projects.

So what are the different uses of UAV photography?

Events and marketing

Having aerial footage of an event can create a stunning shot, whether this is from a commercial marketing event, or a more personal occasion, such as a wedding. Continue reading “What Are the Uses of UAV Photography?”

Brain Plasticity And The Wonder Of Cognition

With a new understanding of brain plasticity, the “brain rules” have shifted. You’ve been programmed to anticipate an unending mental decline with your aging parents. You probably have been reading much about “brain training” and “brain fitness” and questioned, “What is all the Fuss About?” After many months of work, we have just released our inaugural account on the emerging Brain Fitness Software Market, and we want to share Ten of the Key Findings with you. Now,we all know about brain plasticity. Continue reading “Brain Plasticity And The Wonder Of Cognition”

Taking in the Sights and Sounds of Slovakia

Slovakia, also the Slovak Republic, is a landlocked country located smack dab in the middle of Europe. Its neighboring countries include Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and finally, Austria. The country of Slovakia covers 19,000 square miles and is highly mountainous.

Slovakias population is over 5.4 million and it is comprised of mostly Slovaks. The largest and capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava. This countrys people arrived in the area in the 5th and 6th centuries. However, it wasnt until the 7th century that they played a large role in the creation of Samos Empire. Continue reading “Taking in the Sights and Sounds of Slovakia”

What Is a QSA?

Since the formation of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards back in 2004, PCI DSS has setup its requirement for financial service providers and large merchants to use QSAs to carry out onsite assessments and to check on Compliance and security. QSA stands for Qualified Security Assessors; it is a designation awarded to individuals by the PCI Security Standards Council, whom it finds qualifying to execute consulting services and PCI assessments.

Recently, PCI DSS has expanded to take in its guidelines for training QSAs and some other advancement. Continue reading “What Is a QSA?”

The Imperial Pools & Design Guide to an Energy Efficient Pool

Imperial Pools and Design is the top choice in Tucson, Arizona for custom pool and spa design, service, and maintenance. Our company started back in 2012 after founder Patrick Crone had been pursing a career working on aircraft as a mechanical engineer. It was his experience in engineering that helped him see an opportunity to build and service pools in the region in an efficient and innovative manner that no one else was doing. Part of this innovation is working on pools in an efficient and sustainable manner. Continue reading “The Imperial Pools & Design Guide to an Energy Efficient Pool”

Easy At-home Muscle Therapy

There are few things that couch potatoes and athletes have in common, but one of them is muscle pain. Muscle pain is often caused by strenuous workouts, mild injuries or a lack of activity. For either type of muscle pain, there are some simple therapeutic techniques to relieve the pain and soreness. Though you will feel better immediately, muscle therapy must continue for a few weeks to make real improvements.

To alleviate muscle tightness and soreness, do not rub back and forth. Whether you are rubbing your own muscles or having someone do it for you, rub in only one direction. Continue reading “Easy At-home Muscle Therapy”

Hotels in Zion National Park

Zion National Park is the thirty-fourth largest park in the nation. Thirty-fourth isnt that impressive, yet its still over 146,000 acres of incredible wilderness. The park is host to towering plateaus, narrow slot canyons, and pristine water pools all of which may be explored by you. Zion has enough activities to keep you entertained for days on end. After enjoying the park during the day, enjoy the night in one of its many hotels. Here are five tips for enjoying your stay at one of Zions hotels. Continue reading “Hotels in Zion National Park”

Inflatable Tree House Doubles as a Ground Tent or Floating Cabin

The Most Comfortable Tents in The World.

With the sky being the only limit, take your camping experience to the next level. Tree tents by Tentsile allows you to camp anywhere from a nature retreat to a portable tree house. All terrain camping solutions can be answered with the acclaimed new designs that are disrupting the outdoor camping industry.

The ever growing need to camp and sleep in the air has brought up a great line of suspended tree tents. One is a multifunctional camping shelter that can be pitched in a tree or on the ground. Continue reading “Inflatable Tree House Doubles as a Ground Tent or Floating Cabin”

Rising Medical Cost in Home Country? Try Medical Tourism

‘Petrol and diesel prices are going North’ – reads the newspaper headline. If this is a jerk for the office goers , another jolt awaits the homemakers. That is, the hike in price of cooking gas. On one hand, we will be cursing the government having brought in these amendments. On the other side, we should be thankful that the price hike is restricted to only some domains and does not affect the medical domain too. This is the scenario prevalent only in India and few other countries. But not the same in developed countries like U.S., U.K. Continue reading “Rising Medical Cost in Home Country? Try Medical Tourism”

JJRC H31: A Super Anti-Wrestling RC Quadcopter

When I first saw JJRC H31, its super anti-wrestling ability surprised me. As for the beginners, it is very easy to make your drones fall on the ground because of unskilled operating. As a result, this new RC drone is very suitable for novices. Except for that, it has other excellent features. Let me show you more about it next.

Appearance Design

It is a 6-axis-gyros RC drone with 4 channels so that it has the ability to complete stable flying and it is easy to control. With a perfect arc design, it has the great performance to maintain balance even at high altitudes. Continue reading “JJRC H31: A Super Anti-Wrestling RC Quadcopter”